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Universal Tanker solutions provide a service to the utilities sector which supplies the public with millions of litres of tap water. Corporate responsibility, sustainability and environmental management are critical influences for those services maintaining water networks.

As providers of waste water and sludge removal to organisations such as Thames Water and United Utilities, Universal Tanker Solutions share those same values when it comes to preserving and protecting our natural resources.

Helping water companies manage their waste water is a responsible undertaking which we efficiently administer using our growing fleet of high capacity vehicles; fitted with the very latest integrated vacuum pump technology.

Our role in helping to maintain water systems often involves responding to emergency call-outs or providing continuous support on multi-site operations. We can liaise with staff to provide the necessary routine logistics between sites, plus we have the ability to respond quickly in unforeseen circumstances.

Call our friendly team to find out how we can keep your project on track by the collection and disposal of waste water, sludge and ancillary waste, either on demand or on a rolling contract basis.

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