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The upward trend towards eating out over recent years means restaurants, fast food outlets and pubs are all benefitting from an increase in public consumption. What remains hidden from view is the vast amount of oils, grease and fat which is subsequently produced as waste.

The incorrect disposal of fats, oil and grease becomes a problem, especially when left to accumulate as solids, causing blockages in pipework and sewage systems. Our modern vehicles are equipped to effectively remove all types of oils and grease from your premises, quickly and efficiently in one visit.

At Universal Tanker Solutions we evaluate your establishment’s oil, fat and grease waste production and suggest responsible waste management methods such as enzyme injection. These systems turn dense waste into manageable liquids which we remove and transport for disposal by specialised plants that are regulated by the Environmental Agency.

Call our friendly, family run company now for help and practical advice on how to ensure responsible disposal of fat, oils and grease.

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